Funded in the beginning 80’s in the family’s garage HTM Composites never stopped evolving along the years. Sailboards builders at the beginning, car’s and industrials parts, in 2001 we innovate with the first one piece sea kayak .

Since then we perfected the process RTM light which give us the ability to make parts without bubbles, with a shinning surface in and out.

Since 2007 we specialize in the making of complex fiber, carbon or kevlar parts with the infusion process. This process gives us the ability to make parts that are lighter & stronger with a perfect resin/fiber ratio.

With these processes HTM Composites is able to give his employees a wealthier working atmosphere & give his customers
quality reliable products.

Welcome to HTM Composites world were you will find dedicated people ready to help you realize your project at a
minimum cost & maximum quality.

HTM Composites team